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Top Five Cars From the Luxury Brand

Shah Rukh Khan’s supercar has been a rage in Bollywood since its launch. It has been the talk of the town ever since it was rolled out in the market in 1994. Bollywood has also created a niche for itself as the most extravagant family car in India.

It is not only the cars in Bollywood that are the sign of the elite and royal members of society. So, here are some other luxury cars from Bollywood that have made the list.
Rolls Royce Phantom: This car belongs to Bollywood’s elite circle. Its designer interiors and marbled leather seat and dashboard make it a real attraction. Its three-zone automatic climate control is also a real treat for the eyes. The Rolls Royce Phantom is a high-end model meant for the exclusive class. It can be considered a reflection of regal class and tastes.

Top Five Cars From the Luxury Brand 21

BMW X5: A luxurious family car is always a pleasure to drive. The BMW X5 is a perfect example of such a cars. It has been engineered keeping in mind the growing importance of a family car in modern times. This sedan has received many positive comments from its users and it has been praised for its smooth driving and spacious trunk. Top Five Cars

BMW X6: Another luxury car in the BMW range is the stylish BMW X6. The car comes with four doors and it is quite comfortable. The body is made of lightweight aluminum and it houses all the luxuries of a luxury car like the air conditioning system, power steering, and auto body lighting. Despite its expensive price tag, the BMW X6 is still a very popular choice with many. Top Five Cars

Jaguar E Class: The stylish and classy Jaguar E-Class is one of the most successful ranges from the brand. It has all the best features that would add value to your investment. The E-Class comes with all the luxury features from the higher version of the E series. It is also worth noting that these cars come with a long warranty and offer great resale value.

Top Five Cars
Top Five Cars

Mercedes Benz E Class: The Mercedes Benz E Class is one of the most stylish and elite cars from the whole range of the E series. This is an extremely well-designed car. It has all the elements that add value to the car. However, it is not as sleek as the Jaguar E and the BMW X6. Even though it has the same engine and other features, it is slightly less luxurious. Top Five Cars

BMW 5 Series: The BMW 5 Series is another luxury car from popular brands. It is a luxury car perfect for those who want to feel the status symbol while cruising on the roads. The luxury feature of the BMW is its long-lasting battery. The battery of the BMW 5 Series lasts up to twice as much as that of the leading cars. This makes it perfect for families with small children who need a huge car battery to get on with their daily activities.

Audi A3 All Track: The most recent model in the range, the Audi All Track is a sports car. It is specially designed for teenagers and young adults. The car seats five comfortably and offers maximum safety for young kids. The car is light in weight and easy to drive on any kind of terrain. The car is not only a luxury but also great fun for the family. Top Five Cars

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