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The World’s Most Powerful People – Learn What They Did to Find Their Success

The World’s Most Powerful People list is a fascinating read. The author, Mike Koenigs, writes with the voice of a seasoned military negotiator and counselor.

I enjoyed this book very much for what it taught me. As a former franchise founder and now a leadership coach, I found this book very interesting and valuable.

For decades, I have been studying the management teams that run some of the world’s most successful corporations. I am very familiar with the operational dynamics of how these corporate leaders and their teams operate. The World’s Most Powerful People

The strategies, tactics, and vision are very well developed and documented. As a former franchise founder and a leader of several franchise companies, I understood how these CEOs and their teams functioned. The World’s Most Powerful People provides an in-depth look at how these CEOs operate.

The book begins by publishing a story about a CEO named Joe Gibbs. In the book, we learn that Joe was at a conference, he called a meeting and ended the call by saying; “If you have anything to say, I’ll be happy to talk.”

The meeting turned into a philosophical discussion about leadership. The moderator asked him why he called the meeting. Joe stated that he was going to share with the group his recent experiences and lessons learned. The World’s Most Powerful People

The story continues and we learn that he had been a military lawyer and judge advocate. He went on to explain that he had worked as an FBI agent and a White House Counselor under two presidents.

The President of the United States was at a retreat in Martha’s Vineyard and had asked everyone to come and spend the day with him. He was also looking for new ideas and ways to help the American people. During this meeting, Joe Gibbs had a heart attack.

His body language was so indicative of someone who may be having a stroke, so he collapsed and later died on a beach in Italy.

The book talks about all of the other members of the World leadership and how each one influenced the American people in some way. For example; Henry Kissinger, Churchill, and Roosevelt.

All three men served at the same time but had very different experiences. The World Leaders that were in attendance that day were impressed with Joe’s passion and desire to help people. They understood that he was trying to make a difference and set out to help him.

Reading books are a wonderful habit:

After reading the book, I am convinced that if Joe could speak publicly, he would mention that he felt like he could do better as President of the United States.

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The author, David Lebovitz, is amazing. He writes with a sense of humor and touches on important topics that everyone can relate to. I feel that if a former President read this book, it would be interesting to know what their thoughts were regarding his time as President. I would bet that they would have many similar things to say.

I recommend that everyone who reads the book, do so with a sense of excitement because this book will not only entertain you but make you think. It will add new light on world leaders and how they lead. Everyone should take a copy and read it.

People everywhere are reading The World Most Powerful People book right now. Why not join them in reading it today? You won’t be disappointed and you will gain valuable insight into how and why they lead the world. The World’s Most Powerful People

The story that follows is very revealing. Lebovitz tells of how he was once a nobody, living in a small apartment. He worked hard for what he had and never seemed to be happy. Then one day, he decided to try something new. It did not go well, and he was fired. The World’s Most Powerful People


What followed was years of struggle. He was finally let go from his job, but not before he learned some valuable lessons. How other people respond to different circumstances is what he realized. It changed his life. He has since become the head of a huge company and is now used as a motivational speaker.

He has a message for you. Do not sit on by and wait for someone else to make changes in your life. Change is necessary and Lebovitz is willing to show you how you can use this power to create change in your own life. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.