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The Top 100 Greatest Actors of All Time – The Ultimate List

The 100 Greatest Actors of All Time is a list that has been around for decades. The idea of compiling such a list was started by Richard Loftus and John Dingman in 1974.

They were looking for something that would rank all of the legendary actors of the past and present together. Their list is still going strong today, is revised each year to include more actors.
These are actors who have consistently been on the top of the list for over 35 years! The Top 100 Greatest Actors

Some actors on this list who are first-timers are Jack Nicholson, George Clooney, Ben Kingsley, and Steve McQueen. There are also many names on this list who just finished a movie and haven’t had much work in them yet. Many names are newcomers to the acting business but have made a huge splash over the past few months.

This includes Kevin Spacey, Trace Ayala, Ewan McGregor, and Chaka Khan. Also making their mark with this list are actors who have one or two movies in their careers, but have made a mark by playing important supporting characters and even some starring roles as well. These include Denholm Elliott, Christopher Walken, and Emile Coleman.

If you are an actor and are looking for a career change, the Top 100 is a great place to start. You will be able to find out what roles are available, and you may even find a role you didn’t think you would ever get cast for! The Top 100 Greatest Actors

Whether you are just checking off a list on your scrapbook or making this list as a career guide for when you have other acting opportunities, there is no better way to start. The Top 100 Greatest Actors

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