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Shoaib Akhtar The Speed Star

As a kid, I have always looked up to my father and so when the name of Shoaib Akhtar came up in my mind I was not at all perturbed. But, in my opinion, a cricket speedster who plays for Australia is no better than a great player who plays for any other team.

If I had to choose between two players I would rather have chosen Shoaib Akhtar and given him my highest respect as a cricket fan. To be honest I have been really lucky since I have known him for such a short time. I have admired him since he was a little boy playing cricket on the streets.

It was not till he moved to Adelaide that I knew him as a professional cricketer and later while living in Melbourne he became the most eligible player for the Australian Cricket Association (ACA) at the time of his eligibility. He played one match for the Wallabies and was part of the side that won the Cricket World Cup in 2021.

After that match, he was selected for the Tests and was named alongside his brothers Aslam, Shahid, and Waqar. All his three brothers have gone on to become renowned players in their own right and have all achieved significant status in the game.

Shoaib Akhtar is now the coach of the England team and it is a great honor for me to know him as a great cricketing legend. I am very proud to call him my father because he has taught me so much about the game. He has taught me a lot about commitment, hard work, and sportsmanship and I have followed in his footsteps.

I have learned a lot from him and am very proud to call myself a proud Australian. Cricket is a game that my adorable sons play and I feel very privileged to be their father because they are very lucky to be playing the game that I love.

There are many great cricketers in this world and our Father is one of the best. He has always supported our family and taught us the game with his exact attitude and style. I think that being the great Father that he is he does a lot for the development of his son’s career and has allowed my adorable sons to learn and follow in his footsteps.

It is so great to know that my father has supported us throughout our childhood and throughout this tough time. It is even more remarkable when you hear that he did not support my mother during my birth or when my sisters went to live and study in Pakistan.

He supported us all and raised us in his ways, which are the ways of a true father. He has always been there for our needs and we all know what a good father is like. That is why he is such a great role model for our children and our sons.

When I think about the name Shaolin I just cannot stop. It has a very interesting story behind it. The game was originated in China and it was a form of fencing, but they made it very different by playing with their feet.

The rules of the game kept on changing over the years but the object was always the same and that is to hit an opponent with your foot. Today the game has moved on and evolved into something else but the essence of the game remains the same. So thank you very much to my father for all that he has taught me and all that he has done for the game of cricket.

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