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Jennifer Gorgas Aydin is not Happy with BravoCon

According to a source speaking exclusively to Us Weekly, Bravo is “not pleased” with the reality stars when Jennifer Aydin of the Real Housewives of New Jersey tossed a drink at Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga’s staff.

The feud between Teresa, Melissa, and Joe in Season 13 of “RHONJ” is explained by the cast.
On Saturday, October 15, at the conclusion of BravoCon Day 2, Jennifer, 45, encountered Joe and Melissa, both 43, in the lobby of New York City’s Gansevoort Hotel. The encounter was recorded on video and posted on social media. Jennifer had crossed paths with Melissa and was heading towards the elevators when she stopped.

According to the source, Melissa already had “a cup in her hand” at that moment and “she stared back at her as though she wanted Melissa to recognise her.”

During the inaugural Real Housewives of New Jersey panel at BravoCon, the co-stars quarrelled about Jennifer’s remarks regarding Melissa. The source said that when Melissa told Jen she was a “loser,” Jen lost control. Until he heard Jen screaming, Joe wasn’t engaged. Jennifer Gorgas Aydin

Because of her ranting in the hotel lobby, one Gorgas member “called her trashy” and “poor class,” the source said. Security had to restrain her.

When Jennifer hurled her drink’s contents at Joe and Melissa, the situation became worse. After that, she also chucked the empty plastic cup.

“Police were not present. The source says Frank [Catania Sr.] “intervened, reprimanded Jennifer, and made sure she went in the elevator to her room. “Bill [Aydin] stated he didn’t want to hear about it the following day.”

Bravo checked in with the group at BravoCon in reaction to the disturbance. “After seeing the trending video, Bravo executives spoke with both the Gorgas and Jennifer Aydin. They wanted them to know that they do not support or accept this kind of conduct, particularly physical behaviour. The source continues, “Neither side has the network’s approval. Andy Cohen was not a party. He remained silent toward them.

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The pair startled fans earlier this year when they said they would not be going to Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas’ wedding. Jennifer Gorgas Aydin

Jennifer Gorgas Aydin is not Happy with BravoCon

Jennifer Gorgas Aydin is not Happy with BravoCon
Jennifer Gorgas Aydin is not Happy with BravoCon

Evidently, we skipped your sister’s wedding. The singer said on her “On Display” show, “We have a laundry list right of reasons in our brains [as to] why, and I will let all my listeners know this — clearly, there was something that went down during the end of shooting The Real Housewives of New Jersey. “I definitely can’t discuss those specifics right now. I am not permitted to discuss anything that we have shot.

Us acknowledged at the time that the discord was brought on by reports of Melissa and Joe’s relationship. Regarding the adultery claims being shared about the “On Display” star, a source exclusively revealed to Us that “one of the secrets” was Melissa having sex with this man when she was on a press tour in the city. “Teresa had been pressing for the release of this ‘rumour,’ which she had been aware of for more than a year. The ending was timed perfectly, at the end.

Teresa, 50, emphasised that viewers will get to witness the whole tale on the popular Bravo series. The former contestant of Dancing With the Stars told Us in September that it will “blow your brains away.” It’s very sad. I believe that when you watch this season, you’ll realise that I kept my mouth quiet a lot over the course of 10 years. People used to think a particular thing about me, and then they’ll be like, “Wow, we were so wrong.”

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In the midst of the controversy, Jennifer stood by the cookbook author and predicted that Joe would one day regret missing his sister’s wedding. Jennifer Gorgas Aydin

“Just because something isn’t something you regret right now doesn’t mean you won’t regret it later. She exclusively revealed to Us about Joe and Melissa’s conduct at BravoCon, “So things may still be hot for him, and it is still very fresh. I realise that their excuse for not wanting to attend the wedding was very flimsy and unfounded. Jennifer Gorgas Aydin

The source reveals to Us that there was a plan to keep the RHONJ group “separated” throughout the weekend after the brawl. The source confirms that “they did cross paths.” The weekend was spent trying to keep the two factions apart by Bravo PR, but they had no influence over what transpired outside of BravoCon. Jennifer Gorgas Aydin