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Hating The Rich is what’s Keeping You, Poor

In today’s world, there are richer than poor people. There are richer than poor people making more money than anyone else in the entire world. The difference between these two groups is the mindset and the habits that they have.

One group believes that money is the root of all evil and that poor people are born into this world as poor because of their lack of motivation, laziness, and selfishness.

And the other group of rich people believes that the reason that they are rich is that they worked hard for it, made their fortune, learned from their mistakes, and kept on growing. Hating The Rich

What separates the two groups is the way they think, the way they live, and the way they view life. To tell which one is right, you only need to look at the mindset change narrative for the rich.

For the poor, it’s a no-brainer. Either they are lazy, greedy, or too self-absorbed, it does not matter, it’s they are poor and it doesn’t matter what they do with their lives. Hating The Rich
But for the rich, who are starting to realize that they are the successful rich and not the lazy ones with the attitude problem, it is a little more difficult.
They don’t want to hear it, but hey, it’s true. It’s not their fault that they were born rich, their rich attitude makes them who they are.
And if they can get rid of that attitude and learn to love and be rich instead, then so much the better.

I know rich folks who change their mindset and turn around and become wealthy that they always wanted to be. Hating The Rich

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