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AI in Learning and Development – 10 Pitfalls You Need to Avoid

Artificial intelligence has been with us for the last several decades. It has provided researchers with a lot of advancements, as well as allowing for many different types of jobs to be done by machines, without the need for people to do them.

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence and related technologies have been advancing at such a fast pace, that many people believe they are going to completely replace human beings in many different types of jobs.

Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest problems artificial intelligence and related technologies have faced in the past several years, due to many different artificial intelligence fallacies. These artificial intelligence fallacies are:

One: The Case Against AI in Learning and Development You might have heard about all the great things artificial intelligence is supposedly doing these days, including its ability to beat human players at chess and go head to head with IBM’s computers for puzzles.

You might have also heard that artificial intelligence software is helping to create new industries, such as aerial vehicles and self-driving cars.

These are only two examples of the things that are supposed to be possible with artificial intelligence. In truth, however, there are a lot of skeptics out there, who believe that artificial intelligence won’t live up to its promise. So, while these things may be possible in the future, you need to avoid these pitfalls if you want to use artificial intelligence effectively in learning and development.

Two: AI in Learning and Development If you’re looking into using artificial intelligence, or you simply want to learn more about its various uses, you might want to look into artificial intelligence’s ten pitfalls you need to avoid.

One of the biggest problems artificial intelligence faces is that it is often misunderstood by people in business and academia.
A lot of what people believe is true is false, so understanding how artificial intelligence operates is very important.

Without knowing what artificial intelligence is and why it works, you could end up making many mistakes that could potentially cost your company or even your life.

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